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Studio Wardrobe

I have a range of different dresses for the ladies of the house to borrow of various sizes but all creating really flattering looks.

All of my clients have full use of these dresses. During your post booking preparation - let me know if you wish to use any of the below outfits. I can bring a selection on the day so pick as many as you like. I have noted times where the outfits might work best but all dresses are open for you to borrow.

Outfits for her

Where with: anything!
Perfect for: maternity/family, indoor/outdoor
Size: 10-14

Where with: Nude slip or nude underwear
Perfect for: Bump, Family - home/outdoor
Size: 12

Where with: sandals, chunky cream tan cardi
Perfect for: Outdoor Maternity/Family
Size: One size fits all

Where with: any underwear
Perfect for: Family home/outdoor
Size: Tall "oversized" fit, one size fits all