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Newborn Photography

Newborn Sessions are a lovely way to capture your new addition to your family. Preserving those memories while they are so small, as we all know how quickly they can change. Below details various stages of newborn/baby photography. It's best to capture these photos within the first 4 days to 4 weeks but if older, you will capture a different variety of photos as they grow and learn to smile and laugh, sit up and walk. 

The duration of the session can be a lot longer than a usual family portrait, this is due to your baby setting the pace, so you and your baby both stay relaxed and enjoy your time together. I therefore make sure to give plenty of time for breaks whenever the baby wants a feed or needs to be settled.


Booking information

It's best to come to your home and use the comforts of your home to calm the baby. It also means we can take photos of your beautiful nursey and almost take a snapshot into your new life. 

I am also comfortable taking breastfeeding photos if you wish just let me know on the day.

Duration - 2-3 hours but we can be more flexible depending on baby and if they need settling or feeds.

Number of digital photos included - 5

Price - £295 (deposit £150 on booking)

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