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Terms and Conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions must be agreed during booking. 


“The Client(s)” shall be those persons defined when booking. In the following Terms & Conditions “the Photographer” shall mean Harriet Juniper trading as Juniper Photography. It is mutually agreed that the following terms of agreement form an integral part of this contract and cannot be varied in any way by the Client(s) unless such conditions are expressly agreed by the Photographer in writing.

By booking with the Photographer you agree to the below Terms and Conditions.



All sessions are subject to confirmation on receipt of your booking fee. Any remaining balance will be due before the start of the session.  The Photographers judgement regarding the locations/set ups and number of total images taken shall be final. The session will begin and end as per the set time and duration agreed. 

Online photo galleries will be ready for viewing within 4 weeks after your session date.  

The files will be supplied as JPEG. RAW files will not be provided and will be owned by the Photographer.

File previews and further orders will be available for 4 weeks once the Client Area has gone live and sent to the Client, after which point the previews will be removed from the Client Area.



The standard group size for each session is one family per mini or hour session, and 1+ families for any 2 hour sessions. If the group size is larger than the specified amount, please indicate this to the Photographer via the booking questionnaire.

Any persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.



Upon agreement, the Photographer shall reserve the time and date requested. If the date is no longer available, the Photographer will contact the Client to arrange an alternative time/date. The appointment can be changed up to 14 working days before the session by either the Photographer or Client at no extra cost. A deposit must be made on booking, with the final balance paid 2 weeks before the session.

Additional Costs - The booking fee does not include admittance fees for locations that require them. The Photographers admittance fees will be added to the final invoice if required.

The price of the session is based on Juniper Photography’s Standard Price List. This price list is adjusted periodically and future orders shall be charged at the prices in effect at the time when the order is placed.


The Client understands and acknowledges that:

- photographic coverage will be as the Photographer’s professional expertise determines and that no one photograph will be deemed more important than another.  

- it is sometimes impossible to record the exact colour as seen by the human eye and whilst the Photographer will use reasonable endeavours to provide a pleasing colour balance the Photographer cannot and does not guarantee exact colour matching to the reality of the Event;

- special requests and pinterest examples are not binding instructions, although every effort is made to comply with the Client’s wishes

- the Photographer does not accept any responsibility or liability for colour balance or quality of any prints they supply or by third party printers such as high street photo processing shops or personal printing devices owned or used by the Client; due to limitations of computer monitors and variations of computer operating systems that images viewed via this method may appear differently according to the specification of each monitor / computer and that prints may not match images rendered on any particular monitor / computer;

- RAW files will not be provided by the Photographer to the Client

- any special requests must be made by the Client to the Photographer/s in writing 24 hours before the session

- the Photographer’s work is constantly evolving and photographs may be different from photographs taken by the Photographer in the past;



Images are individually edited at the Photographer’s discretion, and delivered images may not include all images shot. The Photographer reserves the creative rights to edit and release only those images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within the photographer’s artistic standards.  The Client is aware that not every image is going to be the perfect picture and will not hold the Photographer accountable for opinions the Client may have on the pictures received.

Monitors used by the Photographer have been calibrated (colour corrected) to meet printing standards. Please be aware that colour changes may occur when images are viewed on non-calibrated monitors and via social media sites. The JPEGs provided by the Photographer will be correct in colour and sharpness when used for printing.

Please be aware that resaved files (such as screenshots or files saved from social media uploads) may be affected by a non-calibrated monitor and so may not print the same quality as the original file.

Retouching, digital manipulation and artistic finishing is done at the Photographer’s discretion. Additional retouching or manipulation may be requested but may be charged as an optional extra.



When purchasing digital files you are entitled to printing rights not copyright. All copyright of photographic images belongs to the Photographer. Any files delivered to the Client is for the Client’s personal use only and the Client shall not sell, license, sublicense, authorise or in any other manner permit to be sold in any way or for any purpose Preview Images and / or Final Images produced under this Agreement.

Usage of the Preview Images and Final Images is limited to use of such images as provided by the Photographer and the Client shall not manipulate, re-edit or crop any Final Image and / or Preview Image or make use of only part of any individual image without the prior written permission of the Photographer.

If the Client posts any of the Preview Images and / or Final Images on social media or anywhere online, no filters are to be applied to images as this changes the carefully crafted look and style of the Photographer’s work.

The Client may make prints, albums and share online Preview Images and / or Final Images for exclusively personal and non-commercial purposes.



Once the Photographer has completed a Client’s order, by exchanging images for full payment, the Photographer will hold the photos for 2 weeks post release and shall not be liable for any future storage of those images.

Backup Copies - It is the responsibility of the Client to make their own backup copies on their own backup medium with regard to any Preview Images and / or Final Images ultimately in their possession pursuant to this Contract. The Photographer shall not be required to make, retain, transfer, nor be liable in respect of any backup copies of the Material later than 30 days after the Client area has closed.



The Client may cancel the booking owing to the following:

- if the Client cancels the session before 14 calendar days prior to the session, the Photographer will reimburse the deposit and the contract will be terminated.

- if the Client cancels the session after 14 calendar days prior to the session, the Client shall forfeit the booking fee and the Photographer will have no further liability with respect to the contract.

- if the Photographer is forced to cancel the session with no rescheduled date, previously paid fees and deposits will be reimbursed in full to the Client.

- if the Client needs to reschedule the session due to illness or other unforeseeable circumstances, the Client must confirm to the Photographer at the latest 24 hours prior to the start of the session. In this instance, the Client is entitled to a maximum of one appointment change per session for no extra cost. If the Client confirms within 24 hours of the start of the session, or the second session is cancelled for any reason, the Client will forfeit the booking fee. This policy is in place to prevent spreading illnesses to other clients and the photographer.   

- in the event that the weather conditions are not desirable for travel to the session based on the Photographer’s recommendations or the photographer is ill, the session will need to be rescheduled and a new retainer fee will be waived. 

- no shows. If the Client does not arrive for the session and has not attempted to contact the Photographer, the Client will forfeit the full session fee. 


Outdoor photo sessions will be rescheduled if there are adverse weather conditions. The Photographers decision is final on what is considered to be suitable weather. Photo sessions that have ended early due to adverse weather will be concluded at a date and time suitable to both the Photographer and Client if necessary.


The Photographer is not responsible for any injuries inflicted upon any participating parties. Client(s) will be responsible for their children, any pet and for themselves and release the Photographer from any claims against their person or their business.

The Client must disclose any behavioural issues in attending pets before the session. If your animal needs to stay on the lead or cannot do certain things (for medical or other reasons) you need to inform the Photographer. If your animal is aggressive you also are required to mention it to the Photographer to keep everybody safe. The Photographer has the right to stop the session if they are concerned about the animal’s welfare, safety or behaviour during the session (no refunds provided).


The Photographer shall not tolerate verbally or physically abusive behaviour, whether directed at the Photographer or not.

The Client acknowledges that the Photographer shall be entitled to depart the session at any time if:

- the Client is unable to control their own conduct and / or the conduct of the session attendees, resulting any misconduct deemed unacceptable by the Photographer; and

- the Photographer is threatened in any way, or if the conduct of the Client or the session attendees damages the equipment of the Photographer and / or injures or threatens to injure the Photographer, and that upon the occurrence of any such an event, no refunds shall be granted to the Client by the Photographer.

The booking fee includes the Photographers travelling expenses up to 10 miles from the BS34 6TU postcode. Locations further away will incur an additional charge that will be added to the final invoice. Details can be discussed during booking. 


In the instance that the Client/s damage any equipment or property of the Photographer, further charges will incur.

In the instance that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera or media malfunction, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of the Photographer, then the Photographer will either offer a second session at no extra cost, or refund the deposit to the Client.

If the Client loses or damages his or her digital files, the Photographer will not be liable for loss or damage and will not replace lost or damaged files. It is highly recommended that Clients immediately back-up any digital files on an external drive or via online cloud storage. Any request for additional digital image duplicates from the Photographer will incur additional charges.


The Client permits the Photographer to display any images created, in their portfolios, website, and advertising, in a manner consistent with the highest standards of taste and judgement. Clients have the ability to opt out of this during the booking process.


Additional photo packages can only be ordered during the 4 weeks the Photographer uploads the previews to the Client Area. Once an additional photo package has been invoiced it cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded. If a photo package is ordered after the 4 week window has closed, it is at the discretion of the Photographer to accept the order, otherwise the order will be cancelled and the payment refunded.  



Client Data will only be used by Juniper Photography for administration purposes and will be deleted following the conclusion of the contract between the Client and the Photographer.




The Client and Photographer agree to scheduling a session date of no less than 2 weeks post-delivery. Every effort will be made to meet this schedule by both parties. 

The Client agrees to notify the Photographer within 48 hours of delivery of the arrival of the newborn(s). The Client should either text, call or email the Photographer to notify him/her of the arrival. At that time, the Photographer will work with the Client to determine an appropriate date/time for the newborn session.


The Photographer requests the Client help set up the newborn session for success. The Client should feed the newborn(s) 2 hours prior to the start of the scheduled session. This should be a full feeding. The Client also agrees to attempt to keep the newborn(s) awake for the hour prior to the start of the scheduled session. 

The Client also agrees to follow any and all preparation instructions provided by the Photographer. These instructions will ensure a smooth newborn session. 

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